How to understand big data in a precise manner?

How to understand big data in a precise manner?

Although digitization has given us many gifts and a lot of things that already existed have become more important but the biggest impact the age of digitization has on us is in the form of data. It’s true that the use of data by firms in order to streamline their approach is as old as time, but the importance of data and the amount produced has been streamlined by digitization only. Now, we are producing a gigantic amount of data every day and this is what has given birth to concepts like big data.

You should know that currently big data is one of the hottest topics of debate and it is frequently appearing in TV channels and magazines. If you are running a firm that uses any type of data and if your marketing team or sales team thrives on data, then you will need to get prepared for big data since it is going to shape the future of data analysis for every industry.

This is why, through this blog post, we will give you the basic information about big data and then discuss the top things that you must know about big data in order to act as an early bird.

What is big data?

Big data basically refers to the gigantic amount of both structured and unstructured data that is so big that it becomes almost near to impossible to process this type of data by using traditional process. So, we can say that big data is just like what it sounds, a lot of data.

Data might have been being used for a very long period of time but the concept of big data is completely new and it shows us the speed at which data is increasing because of the revolution brought in by digitization. With more and more people moving online, all the data that is being left behind can be used for analysis purposes. Even when you visit a website and then leave it in just a few seconds, you leave behind useful data that will be later used by the company for lead generation and other purposes.

All this simply means that your every online activity is being tracked and recorded and this is the main reason behind the increase of data in such a large amount. By simply reading book on kindle you leave behind information like which type of books you like to read, what is your reading speed, when do you prefer to read, how often you read, and much more. Even your smart phone is constantly storing data related to your location, browsing history, calls, and even chats.

But one of the most important things that you should know about big data is it is not only about the amount of data but also about the different types of data like texts, search logs, video, voice, sensor log, and much more. Here are the four most important characteristics of big data

· Volume

· Velocity

· Variety, and

· Veracity

Now that we have understood some of the most basic things about big data, it’s time to amplify our knowledge about this rising concept by knowing some of the most amazing facts and features of big data.

It is a type of distributed data

You can say that the word big data is basically a nebulous term and this is why it has many different meanings. But one of the most important things that you will have to remember is big data is always distributed data in any form. And when we say distributed data then we mean the data is so huge that it can never be processed by using a single node. If you are thinking that you can still process that data used by your company by using a single big iron server from IBM then you are surely living in the past.

The only way to scale fast and in an economical manner is by using commodity hardware for the distribution of process and managing of the large amount of data. For processing big data, you will not only need to add nodes but you will have to remove nodes as well.

You will stumble upon Hadoop and MapReduce

Hadoop is basically an open source platform that is used for combining, consolidating, and understanding large amount of data for making more accurate and precise business decisions. There are many gigantic data analytic infrastructures that are currently thriving on Hadoop and this is why it is so important to understand it while dealing with big data.

There are basically two parts of Hadoop; MapReduce and HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system). The HDFS will allow you to store your data at multiple locations while on the other side, MapReduce helps you with the processing of data in parallel across multiple platforms.

There is no denial in the fact that Hadoop is the most used platform for big data analytic but there are many other options as well. The important thing that you will have to look for in such a platform is the ability to gather insight from data analysis.

Big data growth is being fueled by the growth of distributed data

One of the biggest reasons why we have data problems so big that nothing can be done without large-scale distributed computing architecture is even the creation of data is large scale and distributed. Most of us carry a device with us that keeps tracking the data and sends it to the cloud on a regular basis. Data like our photo, call logs, location, tweets, likes on Facebook, comment on YouTube videos is being stored on the cloud on a regular basis.

Big data is surely the future of the human race since the pace at which we are producing, accessing, and analyzing data, we will soon be sitting on the goldmine of data. If you are running a firm and want to make the most of big data then you will have to use this blog post as a guide.

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