Interesting things that you should know about Tumblr

In a span of only 5 years, Tumblr has transformed itself from a mere micro-blogging site to one of the most effective social platforms for business in the world. In 2007, Tumblr was officially launched as a combination of blogging, micro-blogging and media platform. Throughout the years, this platform has witnessed a rapid growth.

Tumblr was founded by David Karp in 20017, and owned by Oath Inc. Basically, it allows the users to post multimedia and other types of content in the form of a short-form blog. From the free-form nature to the customization of users own page, Tumblr has many things that make it a unique and diverse platform:

Here is the list of some of the interesting facts that you should know about Tumblr:

Reached 75,000 users base in just two weeks

One of the most interesting things about Tumblr is that just after the two-week s of its lunch in 2007; it reached a user base of 75,000. Well, this is something very awesome in its own way.

Equality between the users

What makes Tumblr unique from other social media platforms is its equality in the number of male and female users. According to a report published recently, the total number of male users on Tumblr is 51% and that of female is 49%. Well, that’s fairly divided.

Most users visit Tumblr on computer more than on phone

Today, most of the people like to access their social media profiles via their smartphones, but this is not the case with Tumblr. Most of the users access Tumblr from their computer than their mobile devices.

Multi-lingual support

Tumblr is being used by millions of people around the world that poses a great language challenge. However, in order to tackle this situation, Tumblr support content over 18 international languages being spoken across the globe.

More than 80 million Blogs

Another interesting fact about Tumblr is that there are more than 80 million blogs available on Tumblr. Each content posted in Tumblr is different in its own way. From fashion to magical rappers to iPhuckups to accidental Chinese Hipsters, Tumblr is full of creativity and uniqueness.

10th most popular social media platform

In just a span of 5 years, Tumblr has witnessed an exponential growth.  Currently, it is holding the 10th position in the list of most popular social media platforms in the world. Well, looking at the current scenario, it would not be wrong to say that Tumblr is definitely the future of social media platforms.

Countries with the most number of users

Although, Tumblr is used widely across the globe, the countries that have the most numbers of Tumblr’s users are- US, India, UK, Brazil, and France.

Wrapping it up, Tumblr is one of the most engaging and fun platforms available on the internet. In the near future, it is going to evolve further and make many more followers around the world in its user base.

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