The different applications of AI and its current status

Applications of AI and its current status

Technological innovations have always played a lead role in advancing the human race. We may not have been able to become even type 1 civilization with our current technological solutions but looking at the short span of time in which we have achieved all the technological miracles looks nothing less like a dream. From the introduction of software to the internet becoming a household name, we have seen many technological improvements and changes that have revolutionized our world and one such technology which is currently dominating our world is Artificial Intelligence.

From just being a script in Hollywood movies, artificial intelligence has now become a reality. But if you are thinking that now artificial intelligence is being used like the movie I: Robot then you are completely wrong. Nowadays, Artificial intelligence has become very common for everyone but still, it is in its infant stage. There are still many opportunities and improvements required in the field of AI but looking at the current rate of technological evolution, we will soon see a more mature form of AI being used in different industries and sectors.

You should know that according to a recent survey, it has been found that 85 percent of the pioneers feel that they have an urgent need for AI strategy. Now businesses and different sectors are realizing the opportunity and potential of AI and this has led to a drastic increase in the AI investment. From 2015 to 2018, the investment in AI has increased by almost 28 percent and now Artificial Intelligence has reached a value of $1.2 trillion. In this blog post, we will address the different applications of AI so that you can understand this revolutionary technology in a much detailed way.


The concept of robots is not new it has been almost a decade when we first started using robots in our manufacturing line. But the traditional robots were assigned to do simple and repetitive tasks that didn’t require any intelligence. For example, using robots to lift cars to a platform doesn’t require intelligence but now AI is being used to make robots do more complex tasks and it is also being used to make robots think, speak and act like humans.

AI is proving to be a magic wand in the robotics industry and many new heights have been achieved by integrating AI with robots. From advanced AI-based robots like Sophia that can talk and discuss like humans to burger-making robots, AI is being extensively used to improve robots. By using AI with robots, we have been able to send robots on Mars and this is just the beginning.


AI is extensively being used in commuting as well. You might be using one of the AI bases program or application while and you may don’t even know about it. You should know that commute time in the U.S has been steadily climbing year over year and due to the rush hour traffic delay, companies have lost an average of &160 billion in productivity. Reducing commute time is not a very simple problem that can be solved easily. Even a single trip involves multiple modes of transportation, not to mention the expected and unexpected conditions like accident, roads, weather condition and much more. Well, AI is proving to be a savior in managing the complexities of commuting.

One of the best examples of how AI is being used to reduce the commute time is Google power prediction. By using location data from smartphones, Google maps can analyze the speed of movement of traffic and this gives vital information to users regarding the current status of traffic. After acquiring crowdsourced traffic app Waze in 2013, now maps can easily incorporate user-reported traffic incidents like construction and accidents.


A big part of accounting is analyzing a large amount of data but humans are limited to a certain amount of data that can be analyzed. Nowadays, the amount of data every company is producing is increasing dramatically and in order to analyze such a large amount of data, it becomes very necessary to use AI.

Now, AI is being used in the accounting industry and many accounting software is being incorporated with AI in order to enhance its performance and promote automation. By using big data and AI, accountants are able to find patterns and reports which were earlier out of their reach. There are many examples of how accounting firms are able to work on their peak efficiency and focus on improving client relationships by using AI.

Ai is surely going to dominate our world in the future but instead of taking the control of our world as it happens in the movies, it will function alongside humans in order to make us more effective, accurate, quick and efficient. This is just a glimpse of how AI is being used in the modern-day world as its application is very vast and diversified.

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