The Technical Cards Under the Sleeves of an Accountant



The penetration and wide use of the technology in most of the sectors can be witnessed very easily. None of the business industry can now stay away from the bright light of technology because it is the right way to go for most of the businesses and professionals.

While there are several examples where professionals from different industries have transformed their working style due to technological evolution, but one of the most prominent examples is of accountants.

Accountants have adopted the technology and welcomed the age of evolution like no other professionals were able to do. And in return of this welcoming gesture, technology has gifted accountants with some of the most powerful weapons like apps and cloud technology.

In order to survive in this extremely competitive environment, the accountants need to be smart and make the right choice. So let’s see which technological cards accountants need to have under their sleeve, in order to win the game of competition while even playing blind.

Cloud accounting solution

No one can ignore the power of apps and with the introduction of the cloud technology, the uses and advantages of these apps have been amplified to a great extent. Having a cloud accounting solution like hosted QuickBooks will help the accountants to have a competitive edge in their industry and provide better services to their clients.

There are many advantages of the cloud accounting solution which can be listed in this blog post like the global accessibility, advance reporting, bank-level security, economical solution and many others, etc. So, this is the first card which an accountant needs to have under his sleeves.


Because we are embracing the cloud in this blog post, therefore we will talk about some other uses of it. Using the cloud-based storage system is very necessary for accountants because it gives them the power of global accessibility and the ability to fight against any risk against the loss of their important data.

Cloud-based storage systems are mostly free and therefore you can avail its benefits without even investing a single penny. It will keep your data safe and accessibility will no more be a question for you.


One of the best examples of how the technological evolution has completely wiped out the need of pen and paper is Evernote. This advanced application allows the user to note down anything, in format and then use the content when required. Most of the people are now not used to carrying pen and paper and therefore you should take advantage of the technology and become a user of applications like Evernote. Whether it is an image, pdf file, to do list, you can store it all on your Evernote and then can access it from any device.


Accountants use many different apps and websites and remembering the password for each and every account can prove to be very difficult. But this dilemma can be easily solved by 1Password. As the name suggests, this app helps the user to keep all the accounts login detail at one place without worrying about forgetting them.

So, if accountants are able to embrace the cloud then they will be benefited in the most perfect way. Avoiding technological solutions like app and software is not an option to survive in this competitive era and therefore, move from traditional methods and make the most of these options.


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