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Write for Us

Thanks for showing your interest in writing for Gotomymoney. Being a popular and reliable source of finance related information, news and updates, we are always looking for contents which are unique, engaging, intersecting and original.

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your work, you should go through the submission guidelines so that your submission gets approved faster and we also don’t have to face the issue of rejecting improper submissions.

If you want to write for us then send an email to:- 

[email protected]

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  1. Submit only those article which will add value to our readers
  2. The topic of the submission should be related to finance only like
    1. tax
    2. personal finance
    3. business finances
    4. investing
    5. saving
    6. frugality
    7. tips for managing finances
    8. Bookkeeping tips
    9. Finance related technology like accounting apps, cloud accounting, etc.
    10. Other finances related topics
  3. You should know that just submitting your work doesn’t mean that we will publish it on our website. The submission will go through a proper review process and if it is found appropriate then only it will be published on our website.
  4. Your submission should be 100% original and it shouldn’t be published anywhere else.
  5. Your submission has to pass the copyscape premium test.
  6. You can add two backlinks in your content; one of your own website or blog and one of a referral website.
  7. Although adding images is not compulsory but doing so will make your submission attractive and engaging. Add the image to the content file at your desired location.
  8. Give credit to the image if required.
  9. Add a short author bio of not more than 60 words. You can add a backlink to your own website or blog in the author bio section.
  10. Arrange your content with paragraphs, heading and points so that it can become readable.
  11. Go through the grammar, punctuations and spelling mistakes of your content before submitting it for publication.
  12. Your submission will be approved in 3 days and will be published on our website in 7 days.
  13. All the contents should be a minimum of 500 words while we mostly prefer 800+ words content.

We do not accept any type of promotional post in any form of our website.

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