Mobile App Development Technology is ever-changing and constantly becoming better. It is predicted that mobile application development will be generating global revenue of $188.9 billion by 2020. With the changes on board in the technology, there are increasing demands to help in the day to day life of people, thereby including these technologies in the process of making the mobile apps can be a great benefit.


If you are a business looking to develop your new mobile app in 2020, make sure to check out these latest trends, which will help you develop an app that stands out from the competition and makes your business grow like never before.


How is mobile development beneficial for your business


Before we start discussing the top mobile application development trends of the year, let’s get to know a little about why mobile app development is important for your business in the first place.


  • Better communication - Mobility allows customers to be in touch with brands anytime and from wherever they are, giving your products/services better exposure.

  • Improved loyalty - Mobile apps help facilitate a seamless connection between the company and its customers, improving brand loyalty.

  • Higher sales - Mobile apps are known to drive more sales compared to desktops because of the ability to search and shop on the go.

  • Enhanced customer engagement - By allowing customers to contact the company 24/7, mobile apps can amazingly improve customer engagement and response.

  • Increased reach - A dedicated app will open new opportunities for your business that you didn’t even know existed. Thanks to Google’s mobile-first approach, apps are now getting more visibility and interaction than ever.

  • Improved brand reputation - With amazing features like social integration, reviews, in-app offers, chat support, etc., apps are a wonderful way to make your brand more famous and trusted.

  • Competitive growth - Because it is in trend, almost all your competitors have dedicated mobile apps. Make sure that your business app is better, both in performance and appearance.


Mobile App Development Trends for 2020 & Beyond


Some of these technologies are being integrated into mobile app development and thereby making the development of apps more effective:


Blockchain Development


It’s one of the emerging technologies that limit data tampering. It offers a secure data environment that reduces the tampering of data while dealing with finance and trade. It can help streamline the data during the transaction processes with increased efficiency. With the help of blockchain, android and iphone mobile application developers can design a decentralised mobile app, also known as DApp.


  • The technology has been used by the finance and banking sector in order to facilitate the transaction of money. Payment apps use blockchain to offer its customer trustable

  • And uncompromised safety during the transaction.


2. IoT Integration


Internet of Things is already doing wonders in multiple sectors like transportation, e-commerce, healthcare, etc. This technology enables people to control non-IT equipment via remote control or apps. This convenience has become an essential part of the user’s life. Statistics state that the total number of IoT devices will be around 20 billion this year.


3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


By the end of 2020, the AI industry is estimated to reach a total value of more than 40 billion dollars. Its integration with the mobile app helps save time, effort and development cost for the company.

Some of the AI mobile app solutions that are available in the market are the following:

  • Automated Machine Learning

  • AI-enabled Chips

  • AI automated DevOps through AIOps

  • Interoperability among neural networks

4. Payment Gateways & Mobile Wallet Integration

Integration of mobile wallets like PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Pay and other payment gateways provide secure encryption and has made people going for cards to mobile wallets instead of cash and cards.

5. Wearable Technology Integration

This technology has seen an upsurge of 35% in the last year only.

6. Instant Apps

These apps function like websites and can be accessed by customers even without downloading them. These do not use device memory. These are smaller in size.

7. Chatbots Integration

Chatbot Integration makes the app quick and precise in response. These are required for fast business growth.

8. Cloud Technology Integration

Cloud Technology enables the apps to function seamlessly across multiple platforms without much bothering about the space to store large data efficiently. This technology enables to carry out complex tasks without the restriction of space. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Dropbox are popular cloud platforms.

9. Offline capability integration

Building offline capability in the absence of internet connection. These can sync the local database of the mobile device with the server to upload data on persistent storage over a server database.

10. Beacon Technology Integration

This technology has a great scope in proximity marketing for businesses. This is also called location technology and can be used in industries like healthcare, hotels, etc. that works like a small radio transmitter that uses Bluetooth low- energy wireless technology. This technology is used by big retailers to send push notifications of special discounts and coupons. The major benefits that beacon technology offers can be enumerated as follows:

  • Helps in expanding the customer base

  • Track consumer behavior

  • Product advertising which is effective in terms of the high reach potential

  • Value for money and easy to use

  • App engagement can be increased with the use of this technology and the users can be retained

Thus, as it is evident that the mobile app technology has reshaped with the businesses, every organization, irrespective of its business domain, is integrating these top mobile app technologies to garner maximum growth for their businesses.

10 Trending Technologies for Mobile App Development in 2020

20 January 2020
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