Accounting Training


Training is required to help you acquire new skills and upgrade existing skills. This would help you in your career. Whether you are searching for a job or looking for a promotion in your existing job, training would help you achieve your goal. For those in the accounts-related profession, being trained in accounting is important. While you would have learnt basics of accounting at college, there are many other areas of learning required.


Like in most other subjects, there is always a difference between theory and practice. Theory only introduces concepts. To put them into practice at work requires additional skills. Training can fill the gap. Training on accounting focuses on practical applications of accounting concepts that are needed at a job. An accountant would need to do different kinds of work, some of which may not be taught at college. This is where training is useful.


Accounting is done virtually in all companies using software packages. This makes accounting easier to complete and more accurate, thereby reducing errors. Learning to use these accounting packages is a must for someone who wants to be in the accounting profession. Accounting training can help you not just learn but even master accounting software, so you can be perfect at using accounting software. Similarly, there are many other skills one can pick up in training.


Online Accounting Training


Training can be done at an institute that conducts classes on various modules or courses. You can do it on your own or can attend training organized by your company. Earlier, this kind of classroom training was the only option. Thanks to the growth of digital technologies, online training has become extremely popular. In fact, it has become the preferred mode of training for individuals as well as organizations.


Online training courses have many benefits. These include:


  • Online training is convenient. You can do this training at any time and any place. All you need is a device (computer or mobile) to access the internet.

  • Companies prefer this form of training since it allows employees to take up training in their free time. This ensures regular work need not be interrupted to conduct training.

  • For companies, it is more cost-effective to offer online training.

  • For the trainee, online training provides flexibility and convenience.

  • It is very useful for slow learners who need to spend more time on difficult topics. You can learn different topics/modules at your own pace and repeat the training any number of times. 

  • Just like regular training, there would be notes available online. There would be classes by trainers that you can attend live online or watch videos at your convenience.

  • There would be online forums to discuss with trainers and other students.

  • Even assessments can be done online allowing you to complete the entire training and even be certified online.


Some of the popular online accounting training programs are:


  • Basics of Accounting

  • SAP Financial Accounting

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 course

  • QuickBooks training for accountants

  • Mastering QuickBooks

  • Crash Course on Financial Management

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • Budgeting Skills

  • Financial Ratios

  • Finance for non-finance professionals


Selecting a Program


Now that you have decided to take up an online accounting training program, the next thing is to decide which program to take up. Here are some guidelines to help you decide the same:


  • The first thing to do is to select the training provider. If your company is taking care of this, then you need not worry. Else, you need to select an online training provider. Look for a training provider who has the following:


  1. Offers a wide range of courses on different subjects
  2. Offers all the courses on accounting that you are looking for
  3. Has free courses for you to try out to help you understand and evaluate the way they do online training
  4. Has partnership with the top companies
  5. Keeps updating their training list and offers the latest programs needed by the industry
  6. Has a website that is easy to access and use


  • Once you find the website, you can first take up a free course. This will help you evaluate how effective their training is. Once you are satisfied, you can then enroll for the paid courses.

  • You can compare two or three different websites using the criteria given above. This will help you decide the best website before you actually take up the training. Since you are investing both time and money and are looking for career growth, you need to ensure you select the best.

  • Once you decide the training provider, search for the various courses offered. Look for the courses that match your requirements. For instance, if you want to learn accounting software, you need to learn the version of QuickBooks used most commonly.

  • Check out details of the trainer, including rating by other trainees. Knowing about the trainer’s experience will help you understand if the training will be effective.

  • Look at the modules in the training and see if they offer what you want.

  • Understand the various features of the training to know all about it.

  • Lastly, check out the cost of the training. Decide if it is value for money, then go ahead, and register.


You can follow the above guidelines to pick the best online training program that will help your career. 

How to Pick the Best Online Accounting Training Program?

01 February 2020
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