Managing Construction Project Financials- 6 Effective Tips that can Help

Managing Construction Project Financials- 6 Effective Tips that can Help

Managing a construction project is a challenge in itself, considering the sheer number of tasks, teams, and resources involved. Perhaps, the toughest part is handling the finances because cost overruns are likely to happen and you can always expect budget deviations. There are also challenges related to change orders and rework. In such a scenario, proven efforts to manage your construction, finances can make a lot of difference. Fortunately, you can rely on construction management software solutions to steer the project finances in the right direction. All you need is the right solution and you can use it effectively to implement the appropriate measures for managing money. Here are some tips you can implement to achieve this objective.

Control Project Budget in Real-Time

Typically, construction companies struggle with skyrocketing budgets in projects. More than being just an inconvenience, cost overruns can hamper your business eventually. The idea is to monitor and track the planned budget against the actual spending in real-time. Doing it on a daily basis enables you to keep an eye on the project pulse and avoid significant deviations with the right decisions on time. A construction management platform lets you monitor the expenses which are automatically pulled from the accounting system and enable you to compare them with the planned budget. In this way, you can take a proactive approach to financial management and address problems before they become major issues.

Predict Additional Expenses Daily

Keeping your project finances in good health is driven by regular and efficient monitoring. If you can pinpoint the problematic elements early, you will be able to handle the worst with timely actions. The ability to forecast additional expenses and budget deviations on a daily basis can be of great help. These expenses could include the increasing cost of raw materials, cost of scope changes, and spending on reworks. Knowing them in advance surely gives you an advantage as you have the opportunity to cut costs elsewhere and minimize the negative impact of these additional expenses.

Manage Subcontractor Contracts and Bills

Hiring subcontractors are imperative for any and every construction project, considering their dynamic nature. Needless to say, it is far more convenient and feasible for firms to outsource specialized jobs to delegate responsibilities and ensure compliance. However, it can quickly get challenging to manage multiple subcontractors and their contracts and bills, along with other aspects of project completion. It is best to have a software solution that enables you to track and manage the work and budget contracted by subcontractors and also the proportion still left at any point in time because these factors can have a major impact on your finances as well.

Forecast your Cash Flows Precisely

Another key aspect of managing construction project Financials is forecasting the cash flows with precision. Ideally, you should know every small detail related to cash flow, down to how much income you expect in the next month and the expenses lined up for that period. Rather than estimating, you would require a precise amount of data to stay one step ahead with financial planning. A construction management platform is a smart investment in this context as it offers a simple yet accurate cash flow report that shows month by month cash flow plan, right from the beginning to the end of the construction project.

Automate Cost Allocation Paperwork

Allocation of costs for a project is a crucial task and it becomes all the more important if you are handling multiple projects simultaneously. If you allocate the costs incorrectly, mix them up for projects or miss out on details, you will probably end up taking wrong decisions. Additionally, there is a lot of mandatory paperwork involved in the expenses approval process. For example, it is a project manager’s responsibility to collect invoices and get them approved by the authority that controls and approves project expenses. Automating the process can reduce the workload and minimize the chances of errors in cost allocation. This is best done with a software application that takes the entire process online, without any paperwork.

Monitor All the Projects Continuously

As a construction firm, you will have to face the challenges of handling multiple projects at the same time. This is possible only if you are able to monitor the health of the entire project portfolio in real-time. Remember that outdated financial data is useless and can do more harm than good by driving wrong decisions. Only real, updated data gives you a clear picture and real control.  A software platform that offers a unified view of the key performance indicators such as costs forecast, profit, completion percentage, and more can help. Moreover, it should empower you to explore every financial detail related to every single project.

Although managing project Financials can be a big pain, it is essential for the success of the projects and your business as a whole. Investing in a construction management platform makes sense because it actually simplifies financial management in addition to streamlining several other aspects of project management. However, everything boils down to choosing a solution with the right features. So you must definitely choose with care to empower your business in the long run.


Managing the financials for construction projects can be tricky but the right approach can make it simple and accurate. A powerful and robust construction management platform can take you a long way in this context. Combining the right approach with the right solution opens the opportunity for the success of projects and your business as a whole.

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